We believe those who open their minds to some of the concepts in the following Law Practice Management, Technology, Productivity, and Marketing Guides, E-Books, and White Papers – a mix of facts, analysis, and opinions – will reap benefits of improved efficiency and profitability.

Payment Processing for Lawyers: Everything You Need to Knowmo_money

Since 1974, The American Bar Association has approved attorneys accepting credit card payments for their fees. But you still need to do it right. There are ethical considerations to consider and processes to put in place. And then there’s the fact that payment processing is yet another form of technology you’ll have to figure out.

The good news is that it is easy to make the switch. It might seem daunting, but once you learn how to use payment processing in your practice you’ll be amazed that you ever lived without it. And with this E-Book, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. We’ve lined up experts to help you get started and avoid all the pitfalls. You’ll not only make collections a whole lot easier, but you’ll bring in more revenue than ever before.

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about payment processing.


The Solo and Small Firm’s Guide to Starting and Running a Virtual Law Practicemo_money

There’s no guarantee to landing a high-paying first-year associate position right out of law school. In fact, more new lawyers than ever before are hanging out a shingle after they pass the bar. Veteran lawyers, weary of the big law grind, are also feeling their entrepreneurial oats, as are some in-house lawyers itching to go out on their own.

The quickest and easiest way to start your own practice or to transition from a law firm to a solo venture is with a virtual office. The barrier to entry is low: You can sit down at the kitchen table, open your laptop, and start working on client matters right away. However, any law firm considering virtual lawyering should proceed with caution, one step at a time, to determine which methods are most effective and ethical.

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In this guide, we’ll share the best tips, tools, and practices that will help you run a thriving virtual law firm.


The Rocket Matter Guide to Legal Practice Management Software: Family Law Editionmo_money

If you’re an exclusive family law practitioner or are considering adding family law to your current mix of practice area specialties, there are certain challenges and workflow complexities you’ll encounter on a regular basis.

In addition to managing difficult situations and emotional clients, a barrage of emails and phone calls, and a robust court schedule, you’ll also have to be adept at multi-tasking, prioritizing, and juggling multiple cases.

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In this guide we outline some of the daily challenges and workflow issues that family law practitioners face, and provide real-world solutions to issues ranging from intake to invoicing.


Mo’ Money: A Lawyer’s Guide to Getting Paidmo_money

How much am I collecting each month? Is it consistently less than I invoice? Am I billing accurately for the time I put in?

These are questions law firms struggle with every month as they review their cash flow and the profitability and overall financial health of the firm.

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Poor billing, invoicing, and account receivable practices contribute to bottlenecks in getting paid. In this guide, we look at common billing mistakes and solutions, quick and easy payment options, and how to use a practice management system to automate the process and increase collections.


Law Firm Analytics: A Guide to Running a Better Businessanalytics_icon_no_bg2

An ongoing challenge faced by law firms is how to be a fierce client advocate and a great business operator at the same time. Law firms can solve this problem by gathering and analyzing data and acting accordingly.

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Learn more about the vital numbers law firms should be looking at to determine their health and identify areas of improvement.

In this guide, we’ll also look at six “Advanced Analytics” reports that were designed to help law firms gain a thorough understanding of their business in order to boost profits. We also demonstrate how to use law practice management software to automate the process of storing and analyzing the collected data.


Beyond the Billable Hour: A Practical Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements

A guide to alternative fee arrangements

The billable hour is inefficient and prone to abuse…and entrenched in the law firm business model and culture.

Discover how offering alternative fee arrangements complement your client service and benefit your bottom line.

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In this practical guide, learn about the alternative billing models firms are using, such as fixed or flat fees, contingency and reverse contingency fees, value or success based fees, and popular hybrids or combination fees.


More Clients, Happy Clients: The Law Firm Guide to Delivering Exceptional Service

Law firm client service guide

Exceptional client service is no longer an option, but an imperative for law firms that want to succeed and retain happy, loyal clients. It should be at the core of what firms do. It’s what clients, in a competitive legal services market, have come to expect and demand.

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Learn how to brainstorm, implement, test, and fine-tune conventional and innovative measures to give clients a great, no… a delightful experience. A delightful experience with your firm means happy clients, and happy clients remain loyal and refer you.




Law Firm Revenue Growth Guide

Law Firm Revenue Growth Guide

Law firms are facing more challenges than ever. Increased competition, industry pressures, falling realization rates, and a more demanding client base combine to make managing and growing a firm more challenging than ever. How can firms adapt amid unprecedented change in the legal profession in order to increase revenue?

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This guide to assessing, predicting, and maximizing revenue, discusses how to get a handle on your top-line revenue figures, how to identify hard-to-spot gaps in revenue that impact your bottom line everyday, how to use data to make informed decisions, hidden ways to increase your firm’s revenue, and what to do when you’re facing slow or no-pay situations.


The Paperless Law Office


Converting your law firm to a paperless operation can seem like an insurmountable challenge. After all, you’re practically swimming in endless paper, filing cabinets, manila folders and copiers. But it’s a change you can’t afford not to make and it’s a lot simpler than you think.

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The Paperless Law Office E-Book provides a roadmap for one of the most important transitions your firm will undertake. It examines essential systems, tools, and digital workflows that allow everyone at the firm to operate quickly and effectively in a paperless environment. It explains how to organize, archive and access your important documents and case files digitally, leveraging both the cloud and the power and convenience of your computer and mobile devices.


Law Firm Growth Manual Vol. 2: Better Billing Practices

Law Firm Growth Manual Vol 2 Legal Biling

Let’s be honest: if the bills are slow to go out then the cash is slow to come in. If the cash is slow to come in, the resources available for marketing and growth will naturally fall far down the priority chain.

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Law Firm Growth, volume 2, covers better billing practices. It identifies problems caused by bad billing practices and offers practical advice on how to get your bills out on time and get paid. The book contains 14 chapters, with a nugget of wisdom each, resulting in 14 rules to guide your invoicing practices. It puts forth the simple proposition that when your billing is under control, when cash is arriving at a more regular and predictable pace, it can not only result in a more enjoyable and lucrative practice, but a practice that has the time and resources to grow.


Law Firm Growth Manual

Law Firm Growth Manual

In a stabilizing, post-recession economy driven by unprecedented transparency, accountability and the cascade of new and emerging technologies, a growing law firm has to consider essential practices beyond the old way of doing things.

Today’s law firm has to identify its core purpose and values, find innovative ways to achieve goals, plan strategically, enable productivity gains through meaningful practices, engage in personal growth, improvement and development, explore and adopt fundamental leadership concepts, and establish successful billing practices.

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In this book we discuss these and other elements and conclude with a recommended reading list authored by some of the most brilliant minds the business world has ever produced, for building better leaders and being successful in business.


Rocket Matter Case Studies: Total Firm Management Through Better Technology

Rocket Matter Case Studies: Total Firm Management Through Better Technology

Over the years, thousands of firms from a wide range of practice areas, locations and backgrounds have adopted Rocket Matter law firm management software to run their practice. These firms have seen myriad improvements in billing and invoicing, document assembly and management, calendaring, contact and task management, and much more.

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The case studies in this E-Book span a broad range of practice areas including real estate, business litigation, intellectual property, family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and personal injury.


Working Remotely: The Telecommuter’s Guide to the Galaxy

Working Remotely: A Telecommuter's Guide to the GalaxyWorking remotely – lawyers, legal professionals, techies, anyone – saves money, improves productivity, and creates greater access to talent.

This book identifies the advantages of working from anywhere in the galaxy, and explores how workers and employers can optimize productivity, streamline processes, and adopt best practices.

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If you’re considering working remotely or moving your practice to an all-remote workforce, check out this book for insights and recommendations.


Heroic Lawyering

Heroic LawyeringIt takes a heroic effort to adapt to today’s lightening pace of change and a heroic lawyer to not just adapt but thrive in this new environment. Of course, law firms are notorious for their glacial response to change, but that’s changing, due in no small part to the efforts of tech-savvy, highly productive, healthy, socially engaged lawyers. Yes, heroic lawyers

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In this E-Book, you’ll find out how to leverage new technology, increase productivity, market your practice on the internet, tips on practice management, and effective social media strategies and practices.

Join our heroes, VIC VERITAS and HADLEY BAXENDALE as they learn how to steamroll poorly run law firms, leverage the power of awesome technology, and save the day for their clients!


Cloud Planet – The Mobile Lawyer

Cloud Planet: The Mobile LawyerBeing an attorney at work now means being an attorney on the go. The modern law office need not have four walls. In today’s age, if you have an iPad, you can run a law firm.

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Mobile devices are no longer a luxury, they are necessities. Smartphones and tablets are essentially terminals for accessing cloud-based products like Dropbox, Evernote, Rocket Matter, and Google Apps.

This E-Book provides a number of tips about how to make the most of your mobile existence and use these devices not as exciting gadgets, but as critical business tools.


Cloud Planet – A Lawyer’s Guide to Evernote

Cloud Planet: Evernote

Evernote is a robust note-taking application that lawyers and legal professionals can use to help manage their paperless, or, more accurately, “less paper” office. Evernote is a onestop repository for capturing ideas as they occur, recording voice memos, planning projects and presentations, managing receipts, tasks, and to-do lists, and storing pictures, web pages, and links.

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Mobile lawyers take note: Evernote syncs across web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices, so it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

This compact E-Book explores some of the many ways lawyers, and anyone, really, can use Evernote at home, in a law office, or on the go.


60 Apps in 60 Pages

60 Apps in 60 PagesEver attended one of those popular 60 apps in 60 minutes sessions and came away wishing the presenters went a bit more slowly, or that all you really needed was a set of materials? Wish no more. We’ve compiled 60 of the top apps from Legal Productivity Blog’s popular App of the Week series into this E-Book that you can download and peruse at your leisure.

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It’s all about mobile lawyering these days as attorneys practice on the go and outside of the traditional office environment. The following mobile apps will help you ramp up your productivity, run a more efficient practice, and enjoy a better work-life balance. Word of warning: some of the apps may help you enjoy your smartphone.


Productivity Tips for the Discerning Cloud Computing Lawyer

Productivity Tips for the Discerning Cloud Computing Lawyer

This compilation of productivity tips on popular cloud tools such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and our own Rocket Matter is written by folks who use them and know them inside and out: us.

We also cover awesome tips for using your iPad, iPhone, Twitter, and more.

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We even include productivity tips for working from home since connecting with the mother ship (main office) and clients requires cloud-based tools.

Download the E-Book and find out how to best use these cloud-based tools.


The Law Firm of Tomorrow

Law Firm of TomorrowRunning a law practice today is tough,with economic worries, technological innovations, and traditional marketing being turned upside down.

Learn how to take control of this tumultuous environment with The Law Firm of Tomorrow, available for the first time as a single, consolidated volume.

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This E-Book addresses a spectrum of operational issues for modern law practices, ranging from Facebook strategies to managing cash flow and choosing office space wisely.

Also included are chapters on Twitter and blogging, privacy and security, mobile and law practice management.


Legal Productivity

Legal ProductivityFrom the solo startup to the midsize, multi-state firm, we’ve witnessed countless law firm setups.

What follows in this e-book is a collection of our ruminations on the subject of legal productivity. We’ve had the good fortune to explore these ideas in a number of esteemed legal publications as well as our own blog. We hope you find our ideas useful.

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Learn how Project Management, GTD (Getting Things Done), and Tomatoes (The Pomodoro Technique) can transform the way you practice law.

And discover how to use Mind Maps during meetings to effectively brainstorm and organize information.

Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Search Engine Basics

Marketing E-BookPeople search the web to find your business, product, or service, but how do you show up in search engine results?

It starts with useful, optimized websites, blogs, videos, and other online properties. But it’s been an uphill climb for businesses trying to make a dent in search rankings, with many getting slammed by some of Google’s frequent algorithm updates. All those SEO tricks became useless, if not outright harmful. But there are fundamental practices you can implement to increase the visibility of your website.

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In this E-Book, you’ll learn about the basic, essential elements that go into optimizing your website for search engines and mobile devices.


Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Email Marketing

Email Marketing E-BookEmail newsletters are probably the least appreciated aspect of Internet marketing. But guess what: the day you send out your newsletter should be the most important marketing day of the month for your firm. And with more people looking at their emails on smartphones, you need to know how to do your newsletter the right way.

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In this E-Book, you’ll learn about the elements that go into creating an effective email newsletter – one that gets opened and read. These include links that drive traffic to your website, subject line optimization, and the best time of the day, week, and month to send your emails. You’ll learn what your newsletter should REALLY be all about, and why it’s important to your firm’s bottom line. You’ll also discover tips and tricks for building your distribution list.


Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Websites

Websites E-BookSo you’ve decided that a website is necessary to build your brand and market your practice – your home on the internet where you control your message.

But creating a vibrant, productive website can be intimidating. What the heck is a “productive” website, anyway? How do you create one? How do potential clients and industry folks find your website?

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This E-Book provides information on building your website – from choosing a domain name, design and usability (what works and what doesn’t), building a mobile-ready site, optimizing, and analytics.


Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Social Media (Without Ridiculous Hype)

social mediaSocial Media is one of the most hyped and misunderstood Internet marketing tools available for professionals. Promises of receiving tons of leads for creating a Twitter account now ring hollow. LinkedIn and Facebook present exciting yet strange and frightening frontiers for marketing initiatives.

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At Rocket Matter, we have a very specific philosophy about Social Media, what you can hope to gain from it realistically, and how to use it. Our free social media e-book attempts to guide you in the right direction in an age where local search and community engagement are reshaping the Internet marketing landscape.


Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Blogging Basics

Internet Marketing E-Book Series: Blogging BasicsBlogging creates business opportunities and promotes client growth. According to marketing firm Hubspot, B2C companies engaging in blogging receive 88% more leads per month than those who don’t.

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When done correctly, publishing well-structured, 200-600 word blog posts on a regular basis feeds Google and the social networks, which are insatiable beasts. They both love and reward new content.

The trick for many is how to get started. That’s what Blogging Basics is all about: quick, to the point tips so you can launch out of the gate and sustain an amazing, dynamic site.


White Papers

On-Premise vs. Cloud Legal Software for the Mid-Size Firm

On-Premise vs. Cloud Legal SoftwareThe goal of this white paper is to present the issues CIO’s, managing partners, and other technical decision makers need to consider when thinking about which direction to go regarding on-premise or cloud legal software for their firm.

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Via the cloud, a smartphone, tablet, or computer, lawyers can leverage software, storage space, and computational power that most can’t supply and maintain on their own. Learn about data ownership, security, budgetary issues, and more.


Houston, We Have a Billing Problem

Houston, We Have a Billing ProblemOver the past six years we’ve worked with thousands of law firms and we’ve found one single element to be the biggest difference between a successful firm and an unsuccessful firm, regardless of which particular metrics you choose to define each of those terms.

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Whether you evaluate success by financial success, client satisfaction, or lawyer happiness, the firms we see at the top of those categories are virtually always firms who deploy efficient time and billing practices.