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Beyond the Billable Hour: How to Leverage AFAs to Build a Better Practice

In this webinar, we introduce several possible Alternative Fee Arrangements to consider. We also show you how to draft the appropriate fee agreement to manage your client’s expectations.

Presenters:Nefra MacDonald and Michael Miceli

Your Mobile Practice Management Toolbox: Tips and Tricks for Lawyers

Learn how lawyers can leverage mobile devices to meet their firms’ needs while enhancing their productivity.

Presenters: Terry Jarrell and Nefra MacDonald

How to Optimize your Billing & Collections to Make Your Practice More Profitable

How to set up invoices for unique matters and fee arrangements and how billing as you go can help you get your invoices out quickly at the end of each billing cycle. You’ll also learn how to enable your clients to pay in installments and accept payments online or over the phone.

Presenters: Nefra MacDonald and Michael Miceli

Boost Revenues in 2017 with Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows

How to set up payment plans and recurring payments and how to email all of your bills at once.

Presenters: Larry Port and Nefra MacDonald

2017 Paperless Law Office Primer

Essential tools, protocols, and workflows to start and maintain a paperless office.

Presenters: Andrew S. Kucera, Ivy B. Grey, Tim Baran

Paperless Office With Rocket Matter / ScanSnap Integration

Representatives from Rocket Matter and ScanSnap demonstrate the new seamless cloud-based (no wires!) integration to help digitize, organize and manage your law firm and move to a paperless office.

Mobile Lawyering: Optimize and Secure Your iOS Devices

How to secure and optimize your iPhones and iPads, along with tips on useful productivity and security apps.

Presenter: Terry Jarrell

How to Secure Your Mac Based Law Practice

Are you running any antivirus and anti-malware software on your Macs? Or, are you too lackadaisical towards security BECAUSE you are on a Mac?

Presenter: Tom Lambotte.

Turbocharge Your Legal Time and Billing

A 30-minute demonstration of how to use legal practice management software – like Rocket Matter – to seamlessly and intuitively capture and bill all of your time.

Presenters: Nefra MacDonald and Tim Baran

Using Legal Practice Management Software to Solve Top Small Firm Problems

A discussion of the top challenges identified by law firms along with a demonstration of how a legal practice management system like Rocket Matter can help solve them.

Presenters: Nefra MacDonald and Tim Baran

Legal Case Management Automation

A look at new and enhanced Rocket Matter functionality that lets lawyers organize client files with document folders, assign user permission for enhanced privacy and security, create customizable matter templates and other processes for a more productive workflow.

Presenters: Nefra MacDonald and Tim Baran

How Family Lawyers Use Practice Management Software

Jenny Stevens runs through a typical day at the firm for attorneys and staff and gives an overview of client intake and adding new matters (including automatic conflicts checking), to tracking and billing time, then invoicing clients, and finally, end-of-month reporting.

Presenter: Jenny R. Stevens

How to Start and Grow an IP Law Practice

Learn how to get started on adding IP law to your practice or expanding your IP practice, how to run an IP practice, the unique ethical obligations of IP law, and the tools IP lawyers need to thrive.

Presenter: Nehal Madhani

Law Practice Management Design and Workflows

Find out how lawyers use legal practice management software’s intuitive design and efficient workflows to manage and grow their business and better serve their clients.

Presenters: Ed Case and Rivka Chaya Bushell

Law Firm Accounting With QuickBooks

Learn how lawyers use QuickBooks to manage their firm’s accounting. And see how QuickBooks Online integrates with law practice management software to manage legal time and billing data seamlessly, including invoices, expenses, and trust account credits and debits.

Presenters: Chris Gruenke and Rivka Chaya Bushell

Law Firm Analytics – KPIs and Reports

Learn about vital numbers you should be looking at to get a handle on your firm’s finances and get an understanding of KPIs and how it all comes together in 10 production and status reports.

Presenters: Michael Miceli and Tim Baran

The Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems, Workflows & Protocols

Learn about the essential systems, tools, protocols, and workflows to start and maintain a paperless office. Hear from a lawyer who took his firm paperless, the process the firm went through, and the protocols and conventions they established.

Presenters: Andrew S. Kucera and Tim Baran

How to Start a Successful Small Law Firm in Under 30 Days

Learn how you can start your own firm, even if you’re not an “expert” or you have law school debt, the 5 steps to launching a successful law firm, and what mistakes to avoid.

Presenter: John Corcoran

Law Firm Marketing: The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media

Gain a better understanding of the interrelationship between SEO and social media and how to use each to support the overall digital marketing goals and objectives of your law firm. Learn about strategies and best practices required to achieve a high ranking in search engines, while at the same time explain how social media can become an effective method to drive more traffic to your firm’s website.

Presenter: Guy Alvarez

Attorney Wellness: Stress-Busting, Energy-Boosting Desk Moves

After you experience Infinity Wellness Partners’ Stress Less Desk Moves you will never leave home without our easy to repeat proven techniques drawn from the practices of massage, meditation and yoga.These science-based strategies of breathing and relaxation are the exact tools necessary to meet the demands of your workday every day!

Presenter: Lance Breger

How to Develop the Right Team and Leadership to Grow Your Firm

Erik Broel shares his experiences – good and bad – of how he significantly grew his firm and how you can too, by creating the right culture to lead your firm to grow and succeed.

Presenter: Erik Broel

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: How Law Firms Deliver Exceptional Client Service

Learn how to create the right firm culture to ensure your clients love their experience, deliver a WOW experience to clients that gets them talking about you and use technology to enhance the attorney-client relationship.

Presenter: Kelli Proia

Using Kanban to Become a More Agile Attorney

Learn the basics of Kanban, starting with Personal Kanban (suitable for both sole practitioners and individuals within larger teams) and moving on to team-based systems. You will leave this session with all of the tools necessary to build your own Kanban board and start improving your workflows immediately.

Presenter: John E. Grant

Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data

Learn insights and tips on how to better understand the data security environment from a lawyers’ perspective and how you can best communicate to clients the need for secure information governance.

Presenter: Jenn Topper

Current Trends in Law Firm Websites – April 2015 Edition

Learn the current trends for law firm websites that include business development, smartphones, design trends, analytics and measurement, and site evolution through A/B testing and reiterating. With NEW live law firm websites evaluations!

Presenters: Larry Port and Ed Case

How to Use Freelance Attorneys to Grow Your Practice

Learn how to use freelance attorneys to manage your overflow work, handle special projects, and shore up support during peak periods. Learn about ethical considerations, fees, and much more!

Presenter: Leila Kanani

Current Trends in Law Firm Websites – Feb 2015 Edition

In this fast-paced, engaging presentation, learn the current trends for law firm websites that include business development, smartphones, design trends, analytics and measurement, and site evolution through A/B testing and reiterating. With NEW live law firm websites evaluations!

Presenters: Larry Port and Ed Case

Law Practice in the Sharing Economy

Find out about the sharing economy and where it’s going as well as an overview of the regulatory and legal framework governing the businesses in this fascinating and fast growing industry.

Presenter: Dan Lear

Using Your WHY to Build a Great Law Practice

Learn the key elements of the WHY-based business model, the importance of defining and articulating the organization’s cause or belief, building a leader-leader culture to support that cause or belief and the elements required for creating a Leader-Leader culture in support of the organization’s cause

Presenter: Christopher G. Kenny

How to Secure Your iOS Devices and Keep Client Data Safe

Discover real world scenarios that put your client’s data at risk, and steps you can take to secure your mobile device and keep your client’s data and other information safe.

Presenter: Tom Lambotte

A Tutorial on Legal Podcasting

This 45-minute course will set you up with what you need to know to start your first Podcast and give you the ability to begin conversations that others can learn from and enjoy.

Presenter: Daniel Gershburg

Building a Strong Law Firm Brand

Learn about the practical and psychological factors that go into creating brand elements like logos and tag lines, with examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Presenters: Mike Miceli and Taylor TenBrook

Net Neutrality: What’s at Stake?

This presentation begins by framing the history of the net neutrality debate. It then explores the current proposed rules and the public response they have generated. Finally, it puts the debate in the larger context of innovation on the internet and explain how you can get involved.

Presenter: Michael Weinberg

SEO is Dead: Why You Can’t Rely on Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm Web Marketing

It’s been an uphill battle for businesses trying to make a dent in the search rankings. And if you’re among the downtrodden that got slammed by some of the algorithm updates, you learned how quickly all those SEO tricks can become completely useless, if not outright harmful. What’s a law firm to do? Now more than ever you need a diversified approach to your online strategy. Learn how to assess your strengths and weaknesses, reassess your weapons, strategy, and tactics, and build a cohesive plan with some fresh thinking.

Presenter: Larry Port

NSA Mass Spying and the Law

Learn about the most controversial programs, and walk through how the Fourth and First Amendments might apply to them. Learn, also, about the status of various litigation challenges and legislative proposals to reform the NSA, the FISA Court, and surveillance law.

Presenter: Cindy Cohn

How to Create a Killer Landing Page

Learn how law firms can more effectively engage with prospective clients through the use of intelligently designed landing pages.

Presenters: Mike Miceli and Tim Baran

Email Newsletters for Your Law Firm

Email newsletters are probably the least appreciated aspect of Internet marketing. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the elements that go into creating a dynamic, productive email newsletter – one that gets opened and read. You’ll learn what your newsletter should REALLY be all about, and why it’s important to your firm’s bottom line

Presenter: Larry Port

How to Get Started with Google+ For Your Law Practice

Have you wondered how Google+ might help your law practice? Google+ rock star lawyers, Stephan Futeral and Tina Willis, explains the basics of Google+, including how to get started, what to expect, how to find other lawyer friends and communities, appropriate posting techniques, and more!

Presenters: Stephan Futeral and Tina Willis

Marijuana Legalization – The Legal Ins and Outs for Cannabis Business Clients

Learn about various states’ marijuana legalization process, including the Federal vs. State vs. Local law conflicts. Also: the general licensing process with various state agencies, local law implementation and litigation, medical versus recreational marijuana, trademark registration and protection, taxation, real estate transactions, and banking issues.

Presenter: Hilary Bricken

Using iPads in Your Law Practice – 2014 Edition

Lawyers are using the iPad as a serious productivity tool. In this 2014 edition, Tom covers amazing apps in other areas just as important to lawyers: keeping up with the latest legal and other news, giving presentations and holding meetings, traveling, and more. Tom will also share tips and tricks on keeping your iPad secure, as well as some cool utilities your tablet should not be without.

Presenter: Tom Mighell

The Art of Storytelling in Court & Beyond

Stories build relationships, they create a visual, making your message resonate and linger. Stories hook your audience and build a rapport. Learn about the numerous skills needed to become a good storyteller.

Presenter: Cory Saban

Design For Lawyers – How to Be A Better Attorney with Better Visuals

Good User Interface is not just about typography. It’s about flow, balance, color. But the visual part of a design – the look and feel – is only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, good User Interface is about using design and visuals to effectively communicate with clients, build trust and maximize efficiency.

Presenter: Larry Port

The New Florida Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules

The Florida Bar adopted new attorney advertising rules in 2013. The rules apply to websites and social networking and video sharing sites in addition to traditional media such as print, television and radio. Brian Tannebaum discusses what this all means for Florida lawyers and law firms.

Presenter: Brian Tannebaum

Android for Lawyers

Learn the basics of the Android system, some of the device features, and favorite apps for lawyers using Android.

Presenter: Jeff Taylor

A Down and Dirty Writing, Editing and Grammar Course For Lawyers

In this program, Gary Kinder answers questions about grammar lawyers have always wanted someone else to ask. He teaches lawyers how to remove unnecessary words to ensure their writing is concise, and shows lawyers how to enliven their sentences.

Presenter: Gary Kinder

Google Gmail and Calendar and Your Cloud Powered Law Office

Learn what the cloud is and examine security, client confidentiality, and reliability issues associated with cloud computing. Get the latest information on using free and low-cost Gmail and Google Calendar to improve productivity and inform clients and colleagues about deadlines, meetings, and depositions.

Presenters: Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch

Getting Your Online Content Read: Best Editorial Practices

Learn how lawyers can develop their own best editorial and content marketing practices to make sure they are well-read online.

Presenter: Adrian Lurssen

The 7 Most Important Internet Marketing Lessons We Learned At Rocket Matter

nternet Marketing requires a specific blend of creativity, visual eye, but more than anything, how to measure whether or not you’re effective. Presenter Larry Port discusses how Rocket Matter was built from nothing to the leading online legal practice management software in just five years, using online marketing techniques.

Presenter: Larry Port

Ethical Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

Discover the top social media marketing channels for legal, the top tips for gaining full client attention and how to avoid legal ethics gotchas.

Presenters: Natalie Alesi and Samantha Collier

iPad for Lawyers – How to Use IPads In Your Law Practice

Learn some of the best ways lawyers are using iPads in their practices, and the best apps and accessories for getting the job done.

Presenter: Tom Mighell

Women In The Workforce – How To Stay Professional When Things Get Personal

This presentation examines the different ways that women in the legal profession may compete with each other, and offers field-tested techniques for breaking free from or avoiding power struggles between women at work.

Presenters: Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster

Practical Lead Generation Strategies That Work

Learn how to get the most out of your lead generation strategies, how to select the best strategies in the first place, and whether pay-per-lead services are right for you.

Presenter: Jason Romrell

Thriving Lawyers: Tips, Tools And Techniques For A Successful Practice

An in-depth look at the challenges facing new lawyers, as well as tools and techniques all new lawyers can use to ensure that they survive – and thrive – in the early years of their careers.

Presenter: Desiree Moore

Competitive Law Practice Through Exceptional Client Service

Learn how to turn an exceptional client experience into a true competitive advantage for your law firm from bestselling business author, keynote speaker, and consultant Micah Solomon.

Presenter: Micah Solomon

Strategies For Taking Charge Of Your Life And Law Practice

Get concrete tips on developing communication skills with an emphasis on maintaining strong connection with clients. Learn practice management and activity mastery strategies that you can incorporate immediately into your practice as well as day to day personal lives

Presenter: Cynthia Sharp

Going Paperless – Adobe Acrobat Tips and Tricks

Adobe Acrobat is one of the keys to developing and maintaining a less paper practice. As more and more of our federal and local courts require PDF uploads to file pleadings, etc., mastering Acrobat is a must for today’s practitioner. Learn how to set up and convert a Word document into Acrobat, comment, highlight, and type on an Acrobat document.

Presenter: Steven J. Best

What a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Do for Your Firm

How many phone calls did you miss last month? How many potential clients called one of your competitors because they didn’t reach a live person? Your clients value responsiveness, and thankfully, there are a number of tech solutions that can help set your firm apart.

Presenter: Diana Stepleton

Strategic Legal Business Development In The Digital Age

Lawyers understand their firm needs a website, a logo and even a blog. But not many lawyers know where to focus their business development efforts, how to strategically piece together each initiative so that they support the firm’s overall brand, and measure their success.

Presenter: Mark Britton

Social Media for Law Firms

Find out how lawyers and law firms can use social media for client acquisition, knowledge management and business development.

Seven Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Many law firms could be providing better, more error-free service to their clients while bringing in more money to their firm by embracing time-tested productivity and efficiency principals.

Presenter: Larry Port

Take Control Over Your Law Office Technology

The landscape for law practice is changing at a blinding rate. The technology that is replacing staff and saving overhead is also creating new and unprecedented pressures.

Presenter: Dustin Cole

Business Development for Lawyers

Learn how many lawyers are saving time and money by using the Internet to enhance their reputation, grow their network, establish themselves as experts, and get high-quality clients.

Email Management for Lawyers

Employing the QuietSpacing® method on your e-mail is the most efficient way to get your Inbox to zero messages – and keep it that way!

Presenter: Paul Burton

How to Promote and Build Law Firm Websites

There is no longer any question over the importance of having a website, today’s law firms need to know how to market themselves online.

Presenter: Jay Berkowitz

Lawyers and Technology – Finding the Right Balance

Lawyers in the 21st century need to be connected. Clients demand quick turnaround on issues, social media is essential for marketing, colleagues collaborate online, and news and events are disseminated rapidly through the Internet.

However, we’re starting to see the risks of 24-7 Internet usage, in this completely original session Larry Port, Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of Rocket Matter, explores the hazards of constant connectedness and what attorneys can do to manage their risks.

iPad for Lawyers

iPad for Lawyers covers the numerous legal and non-legal iPad apps available to the everyday Lawyer. Learn how to use these apps efficiently and effectively in your practice.

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Learn about cloud-software applications in a live (well, recorded) demonstration to help you become better organized, more efficient, and run a better practice. Covered: Evernote, MindMeister, Dropbox, Efax, and Rocket Matter.