Top 10 Legal Podcasts

Trying to maintain a current, relevant legal blog is hard enough.  Podcasts require a whole other level of commitment. Not surprisingly the landscape is littered with dated efforts. However there are a few legal podcasts that continue to churn out quality programming. Here are our Top 10 picks:

1. Lawyer2Lawyer –  With over 300 podcasts spanning six years, Lawyer2Lawyer is the longest running podcast on the Legal Talk Network.  An episode on social media hosted by Bob Ambrogi, Kevin O’Keefe and Scott Greenfield got me started on Twitter over two years ago, so I’m especially appreciative of this series.

Recent podcast: Legal Blogging, Ethics and First Amendment Rights

2. Legal Toolkit – Another terrific podcast on the Legal Talk Network is the Legal Toolkit hosted by Jared Correia, Law Practice Advisor at Massachusetts LOMAP. I was honored to be a recent guest on the program and he’s got the process down to a science. While you’re over there, check out the Network’s lineup of other stellar podcasts including Law Technology Now, New Solo and IP Counsel.

Recent podcast: Disaster Recovery and Disaster Planning

3. Bloomberg Law Podcasts – This series covers the latest on regulation and securities law, and a range of related topics.

Recent podcast: IP Law: Record Industry to Battle over Copyright Control

4. CLE Premier Speaker series – A brand new entry into the legal podcasting world, this ABA series is a monthly program where members can earn up to 18 hours of FREE continuing legal education credits every year through programs featuring today’s most influential legal practitioners. Of course you have to spring for an ABA membership so it’s not really free.

Upcoming podcast: Trying High-Profile Cases in Today’s Media Environment

5. TED Talks – Law – The widely popular TED Talks series devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in technology, entertainment and design also covers legal.

Oldie but goodie: Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity

6. Legal Geekery – Current legal issus brought to you from law students and recent law school grads.

Recent podcast: Let Me Point Out This “Unpublished” Opinion, Because It Doesn’t Exist

7. LexisNexis Legal Podcasts – This comprehensive series covers a range of legal topics and practice areas including:

  • Workers’ Compensation Podcasts
  • Patent, Copyright, Trademark Law Podcasts
  • Tax Law Podcasts
  • Real Estate Law Podcasts
  • International Law Center Podcasts
  • Commercial & General Business Podcasts
  • Bankruptcy Law Center Podcasts
  • Environmental Law & Climate Change Podcasts
  • Insurance Law Center Podcasts

8. Law School Podcaster – From law school applicants to legal professionals, this podcast offers insight and advice on the competitive world of law school and beyond. A cool feature is the full-text transcript available on the same page as the podcast download.

Recent podcast: Spotlighting the Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Area

9. RocketLaywer Podcasts – No relation to Rocket Matter, this Legally Easy series is up to episode 44 covering a range of legal topics.

Recent podcast: Steve Jobs’ Legacy, Healthcare, and the Supreme Court

10. This Week in Law – Covers breaking issues in technology law including patents, copyrights, and more.

Recent podcast: iLaw. Justice Inside

These are just a few of the top legal podcasts out there. Any others? Please add in the comments section below.

UPDATE: See Current Legal Podcasts for a comprehensive, up-to-date list.

15 Responses to “Top 10 Legal Podcasts”

  1. Jared Correia

    SECOND best???

    haha. Seriously, though, thanks, Tim! I really appreciate your including us on your list, and so high up!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘Legal Toolkit’ experience :).

    • tim

      Hey, you’re on the same network as the podcast listed first 🙂 Actually I didn’t list it in any particular order. You do a great job with the Legal Toolkit, Jared. Very useful stuff.

  2. Alexa Sherr Hartley

    Great helpful list! Thank you. I am wondering whether you would make any changes now that we are seven months down the road.

  3. Laz

    Now it is almost the end of 2014, and this post came up first when googling “Law Business Podcast”.
    My comment is driven by self interest, though. I’m a CPA who works with small law firm owners, and recently we started interviewing our clients about their business. We just launched the “Law Business Podcast” with 3 episodes, and we plan on releasing new episodes weekly.
    Check out , I hope u’ll find some great insight into the lives of small business owners.

    • Tim Baran

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Laz

        My pleasure Tim. As it tuns out I enjoy producing this podcast. We’ve been publishing new episodes semi regularly, and I have new ones in the pipeline.

  4. Jesse Molina

    Tim! I would love to see a 2015 updated list — Legal Productivity Fan Boy

    • Tim Baran

      Hey Jesse! Lots of new entrants. We’re working on an update 🙂

  5. Wendy S

    Would also love to see an updated list. I am a paralegal and work in a criminal defense law firm. I would like to see a listing for criminal law. Thanks for all your hard work researching this.

  6. Robert Monahan

    Dear Tim:

    Hey, thanks again for putting my podcast — Everyday Law — up on your list! The only thing is that I think the link is broken to the podcast page. Can you fix that when you have a minute? The correct address is — Thanks so much!

    Best, Bob Monahan


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