LinkedIn Lawyers

How Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

There are many ways to generate new business-development conversations with the right decision makers; networking, client referrals, strategic introductions as well as casting wider nets inside of existing clients. LinkedIn, although considered a social selling … Continued

Search LinkedIn Like a Pro

LinkedIn may not be as sexy as its instant-gratification mates, Facebook and Twitter, but it’s the top social network for professionals. And with targeted search, you don’t have to spend lots of time there. LinkedIn … Continued

Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

When properly leveraged, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your business development and personal marketing arsenal. It’s a great place to “find” and “get found” by prospective clients, colleagues, influencers and industry leaders. Once … Continued

6 Ways to Tackle the Web like a Search Ninja

We are here to tell you that the path to true search ninja-hood is obtainable. Here are six ways to help you on your quest to reach your search targets quickly and efficiently, silently honing in on them with the speed and skill of a true search assassin.