Developing the right team of associates, paralegals, and staff is a key part of growing a successful firm. And it starts with good leadership in hiring, training, and keeping new recruits. Easier said than done. In this freewheeling, question & answer session, Erik Broel shares his experiences – good and bad – of how he significantly grew his firm and how you can too, by creating the right culture to lead your firm to grow and succeed.

Topics include:
– The myth of bad staff
– How to find the right person for the right position
– The right interview questions
– How to hit the ground running with a new recruit
– Setting expectations and reviewing progress
– How to grow your people so you can grow your firm
– Management strategies and tips

Erik Broel is the Founder and CEO of Broel Law Group, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. He sees it as his personal mission to demystify the process of handling an estate or trust, and to help people by making the complex estate process simple and accessible. His firm focuses exclusively in the areas of estate & trust administration and estate & trust litigation.

Erik believes there is always a better way to do things, and loves finding new and innovative ways to deliver better, more effective service that solves the client’s key problem or issue, and improves the client’s life.

Erik has been recognized by Avvo, Martindale Hubble, Corporate Counsel, The American Lawyer, and Legal Talk Network as a leader in the legal field.

Program recorded on August 26, 2015