The Art of Storytelling in Court & Beyond

In this competitive marketplace attorneys need to story tell more than ever. Stories help make your points more memorable, allow you to connect with juries, increase intake, and win people over.

Stories build relationships, they create a visual, making your message resonate and linger. Stories hook your audience and build a rapport.

Learn about the numerous skills needed to become a good storyteller. Those include effective body language, voice inflection, hand movements, strong opens and closes, as well as making numbers become visual.

For 15 years Corey Saban was on the scene and on camera to cover the major stories and life changing moments of our time. A former Emmy nominated and Associated Press award winning TV journalist, Saban’s media career encompassed interviews with the some of the world’s most respectable and recognizable figures – from Presidents to Pulitzer prize winners and notable legal battles.

An accomplished speaker and consultant, Saban is now on the other side of the TV industry, helping attorneys increase their exposure through content management, public speaking and media strategies as the VP of Affiliate Relations for THELAW.TV.

Program recorded on January 23, 2014.