Stress Less Desk Moves: Bust stress and boost energy now!

✓ Need to calm yourself for a big meeting with a client or opposing counsel?
✓ Want to quiet your mind before bed for a restful, rejuvenating sleep?
✓ Desire the focus to meet an upcoming deadline?

Then we have the workshop for you! After you experience Infinity Wellness Partners’ Stress Less Desk Moves you will never leave home without our easy to repeat proven techniques drawn from the practices of massage, meditation and yoga.

These science-based strategies of breathing and relaxation are the exact tools necessary to meet the demands of your workday every day!

During this video you will:

  • Practice 5 short routines that can help you relax, focus, and calm down
  • Identify when and where to integrate the new stress less desk-moves
  • Learn the science behind stress and relaxation

Lance Breger is an Executive Wellness Coach and the Founder of Infinity Wellness Partners, a comprehensive corporate wellness company that prepares law professionals for the most productive and healthy work-life through online/on-site training in four areas critical to wellness: fitness, nutrition, mind/body and ergonomics.