Business Development for Lawyers Using the Internet

Attorneys have always gotten their best work by virtue of relationships and their word of mouth reputation. The Internet has not changed this. Learn some of the best techniques on business development for lawyers by using the Internet to:

  • Enhance their reputation;
  • Grow their network of relationships;
  • Establish themselves as subject matter experts; and
  • Get not just clients, but high-quality clients.

Learn how you can use blogging and other online platforms and tools to develop relationships and grow your practice.

Kevin O’Keefe is CEO and publisher of LexBlog, the leading provider of professional turnkey blog and social media solutions. The LexBlog Network (LXBN), with over 7,000 lawyers and other service professionals, is the largest network of professionals blogging.

Prior to LexBlog, Kevin was a trial lawyer for 17 years. In 1996, he started his own law firm and began to use the Internet for business development. He also served as a VP of Business Development for LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell for two years.

Program recorded on May 17, 2012