Email Management for Lawyers

Employing the QuietSpacing® method on your e-mail is the most efficient way to get your Inbox to zero messages – and keep it that way! You’ll discover practical tips for email management and organizing your messages so you never lose an important message, forget an assignment, overlook a deadline, or waste time searching for something you sent.
You will learn:

  • Six QuickTips to better use your e-mail as a communication tool.
  • Five categories into which all e-mail can be triaged.
  • Three built-in tools in Microsoft Outlook you can leverage to manage all your e-mail.
  • The single most effective process for reviewing and managing all that is on your plate.

Paul Burton is a former attorney and serial entrepreneur. As a frequent speaker and recognized author on productivity and leadership, Paul explains how to apply his unique methodology to our email processes and ultimately get more done!

Program recorded on May 05, 2011