iPad for Lawyers – How to Use IPads In Your Law Practice

When the iPad first debuted 3 years ago, it was seen only as a content consumption device, suitable for surfing the web, playing games or watching movies. Now, lawyers are finding that the iPad is a serious productivity tool, and more and more lawyers are using it to take notes, review and store case files and documents, and even present evidence in trial.

In this presentation with special guest Tom Mighell, author of iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, you’ll learn some of the best ways lawyers are using iPads in their practices, and the best apps and accessories for getting the job done.

For a list of iPad apps and accessories discussed in this presentation, click here.

Tom Mighell is the Co-Host of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, a legal technology podcast from the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center. He is a former Chair of the ABA TECHSHOW and currently serves as Immediate Past Chair of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section.

Tom is the author of iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, and iPad in One Hour for Litigators, all published by the American Bar Association.

Program recorded on May 22, 2013