iPad for Lawyers

iPad for Lawyers covers the numerous legal and non-legal iPad apps available to the everyday Lawyer. Learn how to use these apps efficiently and effectively in your practice. If you don’t already have an iPad, this is a great way to learn what apps are available and why you do or don’t need an iPad.

Finis Price is the multi-talented co-host of the MILO Podcast, PI Lawyer, and Techno Esq himself, Finis Price:

Finis Price is a litigating personal injury attorney in Louisville Kentucky where he is active in his local trial lawyer and bar association. He has chartered a unique path in the integration of technology into his own law practice as well as consulting with others to achieve efficiency through technology. He is an adjunct professor at the Chase School of Law where he teaches Litigation Technology and is a national speaker on technology for lawyers.

In his spare time he is co-Founder of TechnoEsq Presentations, offering affordable presentations for all aspects of the legal process from pre-litigation demands to trial presentations. You can check out his blog at TechnoEsq.com.

Program recorded on March 30, 2011