Learn about vital numbers you should be looking at to get a handle on your firm’s finances and to identify areas for improvement. Get an understanding of KPIs (key performance indicators) and how it all comes together in 10 production and status reports that will give you deep knowledge of your firm’s business, accelerate revenue and boost profits.

Michael Miceli is the Director of Marketing for Rocket Matter. He currently heads up internet marketing and business development for Rocket Matter. Michael brings a background of SEO, SEM, and digital advertising to his role and writes frequently on how law firms can most effectively adopt digital marketing strategies.

Tim Baran is the content director for Rocket Matter and editor of the Legal Productivity blog. He uses his background as a law librarian and CLE consultant to work with law firms to explore how they use and improve efficiency and management techniques in the day-to-day practice of law. Tim is the author of “A Lawyer’s Guide to Evernote” and “Working Remotely: A Telecommuters Guide.”

Program recorded on January 27, 2016.