What a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Do for Your Firm

How many phone calls did you miss last month? How many potential clients called one of your competitors because they didn’t reach a live person? Your clients value responsiveness, and thankfully, there are a number of tech solutions that can help set your firm apart.

Diana Stepleton, General Manager of Ruby Receptionists, explains the virtual options available today and how a virtual receptionist service can give you peace of mind and greater freedom. You’ll also learn what to look for in a service so that you can make great first impressions.

Topics include:

  • Difference between virtual receptionist services, answering services, virtual assistants, etc.
  • Benefits of a virtual receptionist service
  • Client success stories
  • How to use a receptionist service (i.e., what phone capabilities you need, different types of forwarding, etc.)
  • What to look for in a service

Diana Stepleton is the General Manager of Ruby Receptionists, a leading live virtual receptionist service making great first impressions for law firms nationwide. She oversees the Sales Department and overall day-to-day operations, making sure conditions are perfect for Ruby’s top-notch service. Before joining Ruby, she spent nearly a decade on the equipment side of AT&T/Lucent and co-owned a successful market research company for many years. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration.

Program recorded on October 25, 2012.