Law Office Pets: Why National Pet Week is More Important Than You Might Think

So this week is National Pet Week, and no one needs to tell us here at Rocket Matter about the importance of this celebration. The American Veterinary Medical Association started National Pet Week in 1981 as a way for people to honor their beloved dogs, cats, bunnies, what have you, and they do an excellent job helping educate the public about how to responsibly keep these animals healthy and happy. Of course, it’s no secret that having a pet can have myriad benefits ranging from boosting your immunity and lowering your blood pressure to reducing anxiety and making your oxytocin levels (the feel good hormone) skyrocket.

However, I’ve learned firsthand that having pets around the office don’t just improve your health—they can also actually do wonders for your company itself.

Law Office Pets

Take Brody, for instance. Brody is a Cocker Spaniel/Maltese rescue who comes with me to work at least once a week. All I have to do is say, “Want to go to work,” and he quickly scampers outside and anxiously sits by the car, waiting to hop in. Hey, what’s not to love? He gets belly rubs all day long and probably sneaks in way too many snacks from whatever scraps people “accidentally” drop on the floor (and we’re talking good stuff like pulled pork and rotisserie chicken!)  He even got to dress as Chewbacca when we celebrated May the 4th earlier this week.

However, I’ve seen him work his magic: My colleagues walk into the office, see his little face, and literally melt. We laugh more when he’s around. We certainly smile more. It’s got me thinking that there’s got to be something to this, so I investigated further. Turns out that research has proven that having a pet in the workplace can benefit the company in so many ways. For instance, one study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that employees’ stress levels dropped considerably on the days that dogs were in the office. What’s more, a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association found that millions of people believe that having pets at work decreases absenteeism, encourages employees to put in longer hours, and helps them become more productive.

Law Office Pets

For these reasons and so many more, Rocket Matter has a pet-friendly policy—we’ve recently welcomed the dogs Luke, Ranger, James, Charlie, and Dave to the office (not all at the same time!) Even Atlas the bird has made a few appearances. And then there was the time one staff member found a stray kitten abandoned on the side of the road and we adopted her. Many of our customers also love bringing their pets to work with them.

In other words, we’ll certainly celebrate our pets during National Pet Week. But we do that every week of the year because these precious animals enrich our lives more than they could ever possibly know.

Have a law office pet story? Please share in the comments below.

5 Responses to “Law Office Pets: Why National Pet Week is More Important Than You Might Think”

  1. Terry Jarrell

    This is such a great way to add to any work environment. It is well known how interaction with our pets reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing. I think it is great the RM to allow and even encourage bringing your buddies to work! Maybe one day Dingo can come for a visit too!

  2. George Carder

    My boxer, Juris Prudence, comes to our law office in Searcy, Arkansas every day. She has been coming for ten years now, since she was six weeks old. We like to say that she is our official greeter and chief of security but she has comforted many a troubled client by offering comfort and affection. It’s easy to recognize a first-time visitor by the loud gasps coming from the front door. Now days, we have friends and clients who come by the office, not for any professional needs but just to visit with Juris.

  3. Dina Roth Port

    George, send us a picture of Juris for our Law Office Pets page! We definitely understand…Brody definitely wins “Most Popular” at our office, too!


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